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Story Behind Our Drive

In the last few months, we all have lost someone to COVID-19. Our mother Sumitra Devi Saraf passed away while battling with Corona, and like many others, she too could not be saved due to the unavailability of oxygen. Life sprouting out of the laps of nature. Did we ever foresee this day would come? A time when we would struggle to provide oxygen to our loved ones? A gift of Mother Nature, which sadly we have been devaluing for too long! The ones gone are never to return, but their memory lives in us, the people they left behind. So, why not honor them by giving back in their name the one thing they were denied in their last moments? Oxygen! It was this thought that urged us to start this initiative “plant one tree for one life lost”, a tree planting memorial drive to honour and keep the memory alive of the people who passed away. Our loved ones will live and grow in the afterlife, symbolic of the trees we plant in their name, as the world around us becomes greener and better.

So, let’s join hands to heal together, and create a positive impact in the memory of the loved ones we lost.
May We Meet Again

Memorabilia that will live for your loved ones: A confluence of the zenith of life and death- Earthvine.
The memory of love is a powerful life force; its brightness lighting up the darkest of times, giving us hope and often the strength to create something beautiful !

Returning someone to nature allows them to live on in a new way

"Time passes, physical forms fade, but the memories created live on in the love that we shared" Honoring the lives we lost.
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What is Living Memorial

When we lose a loved one, friend or family, all that’s left behind is the bitter-sweet memories that we shared and the impression they left in our lives and around us. A living memorial is a tree that is planted in the memory of the one who has left this earthly abode. The tree is symbolic of their lives, a constant reminder that whilst their bodies might have faded, their legacy continues to thrive. You can plant a tree to honour a friend, a family member, or someone who is going through a similar loss. Our initiative is a tribute to a precious life lived well and to be cherished forever. Our drive involves planting memorial trees in the Delhi NCR commemorating one’s life and legacy. So come join our hands, honoring and remembering the people, celebrating the lives they lived, and let their essence transition as nature’s own.

How We Are Making A Difference?

Planting Tree Sapling

Giving A Living Memorial

Returning something to nature

Read what they say

Ritika Gupta

Your way of planting a tree in his honor was the perfect remembrance. Thank you for making it possible to honor the memory of my husband.

Deepak Sharma

Thanks so much for your kindness. This was such a special thing,  I know I want to do it for others. I appreciate it so much. Bravo to you for “founding” such a great company – how can you go wrong planting trees  — not to mention brightening tough times for people. Nice work!

Simran Singh

Planting a tree in someones name that has passed is one of the most heartfelt things you can do for a family. I have done several and I have to say that everyone of these is so beautifully done.

Rahul Kumar

Thank you for letting me know. It means so much to me that it brought a little happiness during their difficult time. Again Thank you for what you do for people and the earth!


Thank You so very much, it may seem like a small thing, but it means a great deal to my Grandmother and myself. Can’t thank you enough!

  • HarshRs 5000

    til we meet again, my friend.

  • AvantikaRs 1000

    Our family is keeping your family in our thoughts and prayers

  • JayaRs. 5000

    God has you in your keeping. We have you in our heart.

  • JatinRs. 1000

    May your laughter, love, kindness, and strength live on forever.

  • MansiRs. 100

    As in all the beauty of this special tree, so too your love will forever be.

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